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As With Roses Special Edition DVD - The true untold story of the whipping Obdiah Holmes and the cruel treatment early Baptists faced in the American colonies at the hands of government and the state church.
As With Roses Special Edition

The road to religious freedom is one that is bathed in the blood of Baptist persecution.

"As With Roses" is the compelling true story of Obadiah Holmes, a Baptist preacher who lived in 1651, just as the early American colonies were being established. His commitment to sharing the Baptist doctrine of faith was a serious threat to the standing order of the Congregational Church and its governing authority. When Obadiah openly denounces that authority, and the practice of infant baptism, he is arrested and subjected to cruel punishment that goes beyond the level of offenses. "As With Roses" is a story of religious persecution, of Baptist perseverance in the face of immense suffering, and of God's amazing deliverance.


This two-disk set includes the original film with digitally enhanced effects and audio on the feature disk.  Disk two contains a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "As with Roses" and interviews of the staff and actors of how this film has impacted their lives. Also included on disk two is an overview of the life of Obadiah Holmes as well as Fact or Affliction, a quiz to test the viewer's knowledge of early American Baptist history


"In a nation dangerously unaware of its roots of liberty, As With Roses connects us with the very first American hero: Obadiah Holmes.  You will lose if you miss this."

Pastor James R. Beller
Arnold Baptist Church, Jefferson County, Missouri
Author of America in Crimson Red

"As With Roses should be seen in every Baptist church in America.  It gives an accurate history of the persecution suffered by the Baptist people at the hands of cruel government and state religion.  We believe Shiloh Films will be used greatly of the Lord to preserve our heritage as a Baptist people."

Evangelist Boyd D. Collins
Over the Mountain Ministries

"Thanks to Shiloh Films for the moving drama As With Roses.  Their depiction of the suffering of Obadiah Holmes will allow many to learn of the  great price paid by Baptists to obtain religious liberty for all Americans.  To God be the glory!"

Pastor Jeff Faggart
Founder Baptist History Preservation Society

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